The existing cost for lighting on any site compromises of two key areas. The first is the utility bill itself, which is the cost for the energy supply, and the second is the maintenance cost (parts and labour) to maintain the lighting system in situ in order to ensure a safe standard of lighting for the site.


The FES LaaS Model:

  • Turnkey Service – From design and funding to installation and maintenance
  • Flexible Service Term – 5 to 15 Year Service
  • Term Available (depending on savings and customer preference)
  • Off Balance Sheet Treatment – The FES LaaS contract IFRS16 compliant
  • Savings Guarantee – FES will re-base our monthly fee based on actual savings
  • Maintenance Inclusive – FES will maintain the new lighting system (parts & labour) for free during the LaaS term

LaaS Customer Benefits:

  • Opportunity Cost of Capital – The customer can invest their capital into their core business activities with yield greater returns
  • Guaranteed Saving Outcome – The FES fee is based on actual savings and ensures the customer always benefits from the new system
  • Inflation Benefit – The FES fee is based on today’s cost for energy (cost pKw/h) and therefore as this cost goes up over time the FES fee does not
  • Resource Allocation – The customer does not need to re-direct internal resources, they will simply be able to utilise FES’ dedicated Project Management Office (PMO)

New Lighting Costs

“The cost for the new energy bill is typically 60% to 70 % less than the existing bill after an LED lighting upgrade”

The FES LaaS Contract

“FES will provide parts & labour maintenance through the duration of the LaaS contract”

Customer Net Savings


Alongside the FES Laas model, FES does offer a traditional Capex procurement model. FES calls this Capex As A Service (CaaS) as FES will still deliver a 100% outsourced turnkey service, but with the customer paying for the system using their own capital, upfront, and then managing the new systems ROI based on FES’ site diagnostics and saving calculations.

Please see below how this upgrade option works:

  • Detailed Audit & Diagnostics – FES will carry out detailed audit and ROI analysis for each site allowing the customer to make an educated capital investment decision
  • Procurement Power – FES procures large volumes of LEDs every year from a panel of top European suppliers, these economies of scale are passed onto our customers
  • Product Agnostic – FES will specify the most fit-for-purpose LED system based on its technical and commercial attributes for the site
  • Turnkey Service – From design and procurement to project management and installation

CaaS Customer Benefits:

  • Optimal Operating Environment – The new LED lighting system will increase lighting levels and the uniformity of these levels, providing an enhanced operating environment
  • Long Term Warranties – FES will procure longer term warranties for the customer that are beyond market norm, providing further maintenance savings
  • Resource Allocation – The customer does not need to re-direct internal resources, they will simply be able to utilise FES’ dedicated Project Management Office (PMO)
  • ROI Acceleration – Utilising FES’ procurement power, product specification and rapid installation management the customer will be able to accelerate their system ROI

Existing Lighting Costs

CaaS Cost

New Lighting Costs

‘FES will provide a standard warranty with the LEDs supplied, therefore there will be an element of new maintenance costs to be budgeted for the new system

Customer Net Savings